We Are The Brains Behind Grocery Data

Seven years ago we set out on a mission to help consumers understand what’s in the products they use and consume. Today we are transforming the way brands and retailers interact with and share product data.


Unlock the Value of Your Product Data

Label Insight is a cloud-based product data engine committed to helping brands and retailers unlock the value of their product data. We translate basic product information into smart attributes, such as nutrients and allergens, providing brands and retailers with a deep understanding of their product set.

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Helping Brands Participate in the SmartLabel™ Initiative

Label Insight offers the industry’s fastest and easiest way to generate and maintain the product data required to participate in the SmartLabel™ initiative. Label Insight manages the process from product flat submission to SmartLabel™ landing page creation.

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Instant insight

Just by submitting your products you will gain instant access to our analysis of your product’s data against over 15,000 attributes.

Utilize Label Insight’s unparalleled granularity to compare your products across 3,000 categories, competing products, or any product grouping.

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Helping Retailers Better Understand Their Products

Label Insight helps retailers better understand the products they sell by scoring and defining those products based on specific attributes. Once retailers have a better understanding of their product set, they’re able to easily participate in health and wellness initiatives and have a more personalized discussion with their shoppers.